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Game Engine

Using my expertise in VFX and Unreal engine, I’ve worked on a range of projects that showcase my ability to create memorable and impactful visuals. Explore my recent projects to see how I can take your project to the next level.

Street Explosion

Modelled in Houdini. Explosion simulated using Houdini then importing Unreal Engine using Niagara VFX system. Textures using Unreal starter textures. Road texture from Poliigon 

Bioshock Fontaine Futuristic

Remastered Bioshock Fontaine Futuristics My Remake using Unreal Engine 4. Some Diffuse Maps from, Bradbury & Bradbury  and Chameleon Collection (The wall textures, ceiling and middle floor)


A short film about a curious baby octopus I made using Unreal Engine.

Ball Video Game

Modelled in blender. Unreal Engine. Work in Progress

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